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Agenda 4 Change will be supporting and sponsoring minority groups in primary and secondary schools across North, Northamptonshire and children of struggling families to have a time out.

We understand many families are going through challenging times, especially those from ethnic minority background. Some of these families feel shy to ask for help during school holidays and for some of these families from ethnic minority background they never get the chance to go anywhere apart from the four walls of their apartment.

Their parents work more than two jobs to put food on the table and mostly they are unable to take time off during school holidays to provide their children with the physical and outward exposure that will aid their mental wellbeing and enlarge their horizon.

Sadly, this type of situation is prevalent within the ethnic minority groups within our country and families with low income to support their children after paying off their bills.

As Marcus Rashford (the footballer) pointed out during one of his interviews, ‘ for most people it is decision between heating and not eating’.

How Do We Provide Change?

Agenda 4 Change will be working directly with the head of local schools to help identify students from ethnic minority groups and low-income families who will benefit from this project.

Students will then be selected from each school that have expressed interest in the programme to a 2-3 days camping with various fun activities to aid their mental wellbeing, confidence and resilience.


Upon a successful programme, we aim to see a positive change in attitude, behaviour, and mental wellbeing that should also reflect in the individual learning and academic abilities and a resilient individual.

1. A Just Society

Providing support for ethnic minority students and low-income families will ensure that we have an equal and balanced society in which everyone regardless of their background get a fair opportunity to succeed in life.

2. Confidence

By giving these children the opportunity, they can hardly afford due to their circumstances, they will be able to they will be able to come out of their shells and become a bit more confident with higher expectations of what is possible, and attainable.

3. Mental Health

Research shows that children perform well in an environment where they are given the necessary tools and encouragement to progress. On the contrary, those who are not able to perform to the best of their ability among other things are denied the resources and support that will lead to change. Through the work that Agenda 4 Change has initiated, these students will be able to see themselves as achievers and not victims of their circumstances.

Every child deserves the opportunity to become all that they can possibly be.

Where a student or a child comes from, the colour of their skin or the shape of their head or nose and whether they are good or not good at speaking English, should not be the determining factor of how successful or unsuccessful that child should become. We must create a plain level field for every child or student to succeed in life. When all our children succeed, we succeed, our community succeeds, our nation succeeds, and our world also succeeds. That is why we need you to support us by donating. Together, we can bring about a progressive change. Your donation will enable us give to children and student from ethnic minority groups and low- income families an opportunity of a lifetime that will make a huge impact on how they perceive themselves and their place in the world.


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