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Digital Inclusion

Bridging digital divide and ensuring equitable participation across North and West Northamptonshire. 

How Do We Provide Change?

We provide change through needs assessment, digital` inclusion and environmental awareness


Access to information and knowledge
economic empowerment
social connectivity and communication
improved access to services
education and digital literacy
innovation and creativity
civic engagement and participation


1. A Just Society

Providing support for ethnic minority students and low-income families will ensure that we have an equal and balanced society in which everyone regardless of their background get a fair opportunity to succeed in life.

2. Confidence

By giving these children the opportunity, they can hardly afford due to their circumstances, they will be able to they will be able to come out of their shells and become a bit more confident with higher expectations of what is possible, and attainable.

3. Mental Health

Research shows that children perform well in an environment where they are given the necessary tools and encouragement to progress. On the contrary, those who are not able to perform to the best of their ability among other things are denied the resources and support that will lead to change. Through the work that Agenda 4 Change has initiated, these students will be able to see themselves as achievers and not victims of their circumstances.

Every child deserves the opportunity to become all that they can possibly be.