Phlebotomy Courses

All you need to do is make the choice to get involved and drastically enhance your chances at new prospects in Phlebotomy

Phlebotomy training and phlebotomy courses:

Our Fast Track 1 Day Intense Phlebotomy Instruction and phlebotomy courses developed for medical practitioners and healthcare workers. This venepuncture course will prepare you with all the info you really need to commence carrying out phlebotomy as soon as possibly! On completion you will receive a Certificate of Attendance.

1.)  Phlebotomy Training (For Medical Background/Paramedics/Nurses & Healthcare Assistant Candidates)

2.) Phlebotomy Training (For Non-Medical Background Candidates)

Our Hospital/Clinic Practical Phlebotomy Workshop (Part II of the course) where, under supervision, you will take live blood samples from patients and receive a phlebotomy.

Certificate of Competency on completion!

That’s right, in a struggling economic climate; you need to take steps to improve your skills ensuring you are a beneficial asset to your organization. And comprehensive training is just exactly what you need.

1 Day Intensive Phlebotomy Course (Part I)

Dry Lab Practice and Essential Theory Practice– Under the instruction of a certified phlebotomy will undergo all the vital areas of relevant information to manage not easy patients or children how to identify the sample correctly. We will give you lecturer. This is followed by the simulation laboratory on mannequins. You will be given a Certificate of Attendance at the end of this training day.

(Optional) ‘Live’ from 1 to 2 sessions Bloods

Experience (Part II)

Practical Live Assessment– Under the supervision of a phlebotomy head within a real medical environment, you will take live bloods from real patients! By the end of this period you’ll acquire a Certificate of Proficiency!

Eventually! You can discover all the techniques to be a fantastic Phlebotomist, without breaking the bank or to interfere with your current job or personal commitments!

If you are fascinated in careers in the bloodletting, we can provide you training that lead to a Certificate of Competence in Phlebotomy.

Part 1:.

One Day Fast Tract Intensive Phlebotomy.

This features theory and laboratory experience in the dry Phlebotomy– You will receive a certificate of course completion on completion.

Part 1:


One Day Fast tract Intensive Phlebotomy

This includes theory and laboratory experience in the dry Phlebotomy – You will receive a certificate of course completion for completion.

This training program is designed for those with expertise and knowledge of health and is suitable for people who already work or have experience, for example, in health care. HCA, nurses, paramedics, doctors, clinic staff, laboratory staff, biomedical science professionals and students in healthcare phlebotomy courses.


2 day beginners Phlebotomy courses– this training course introduces the people who are new to health care, or those pursuing a career change bloodletting. This is a more comprehensive course, which is held for 2 days and gives a greater focus on the basics of anatomy, phlebotomy courses including infection control, health and safety, as well as practical pointers for beginners. You will additionally have the option to practice on mannequins. You will get a Certificate of Completion upon completion of this course.


On conclusion of the Theory course (Part 1), you can proceed to attain a Certificate of Competency in Phlebotomy, by participating in the Live Bloods Course where you will perform live blood sessions.

The bottom line is in the Maxis Healthcare Phlebotomy Training Course, you’ll acquire all the knowledge and expertise you require to commence immediately carrying out successfully as a phlebotomist. You’ll acquire the skills required to not only obtain a job, but to progress in this ever-growing profession.

So why delay any longer? If you are trying to boost the value of your current career;.
now is the time and Maxis Healthcare’s Phlebotomy Training Course is the place!

Please keep in mind, Part I will take place in Northampton but Part 2 live sessions will be at one of the surgeries in London.

Also, you can get in touch with us for further discussion. Don’t miss this opportunity. Your future is in your hands now!

Our Mission

Is to provide a pathway into healthcare for people looking for a career change, alternative
opportunity, or just interested in health care and would like to have an additional skill.

1. Be Prepared

Due to the current climate, it is always a good thing to have an additional skill set – just in case there is a change in systems, structures and governments due to forces beyond our control, your acquired skill set will be of immerse benefit.

2. Cost Effective

The cost involved in you acquiring the skills, knowledge and certificate of competence is nothing as compared to other alternatives out there. You get the best doctors in the field to give you the training and supervision during Day 2 live session as well.

3. Set You Up for Life

The knowledge and expertise you will gain will set you up a career and advancement in this growing occupation for a lifetime.