Supporting young voices to become part of the change they would like to see in their community
Supporting young voices to become part of the change they would like to see in their community
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Celebration of the Windrush Generation
Addressing vital issues that impact young voices and finding solutions 



1. Confidence
2. Bringing people together to think about what change they want to see
3. Empowerment
4.Taking ownership at local level
5. Promoting respect for others and participation from diverse people
6. Build resilience, relationships, and alliances with other groups. 7. Helping people develop their own leadership


Provide a platform to discuss and take action on what can be done at a local level in the fight against climate change and its impact on the next generation.

We  Empower, Collaborate and support especially young people to play an active part in the change they would like to see in their communities.

We create space for constructive thinking and challenge and for the voice of ethnic minority groups to be heard.

Our Aim

 Creating a more integrated society where people from diverse backgrounds will be part of the progressive change in our communities and in so doing become role models for the future generation

Impact of Plastics in the Ocean
Impact on wildlife
Rising Temperatures
Change at the local level
Effects of Pollution

1. Strength in Diversity

Change is only possible when we acknowledge there is a problem that must be resolved and resources and personnel are made available to bring about change.

2. Intergration

When others feel like they are being a burden or are not listened to due to their inability to communicate effectively they turn to stay within their familiar bubble and find it hard to integrate. This can be resolved through the provision of our services that will enable these people to acquire the basic knowledge to break down those barriers limiting them to reach their fullest potential and become part of the progressive change in the community in which they live.

3. Assurance

This program will ensure that young people especially ethnic minority groups get involved in issues that impact them at a local level and become part of the change needed to improve the communities in which they live.

Windrush Generation Celebration!

coming up soon on the 22nd of June 2023

On the 18th of June 2023, we celebrated the Windrush generation for the extraordinary work they did here in the UK just after the second world war.
We are building community cohesion, inclusion, diversity, and resilience within East Northamptonshire.
Please get in touch if you would like to help or support this project in any way.
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